The CBD Oil Factory represents a team of experienced specialists with deep ties throughout the Hemp CBD and Cannabis THC industries. These professionals have established relationships with dozens of labs, farms, and manufacturers. We are a group of independent Reps who collectively get the job done for our clients.

We have expertise in seed genetics, cultivation, CBD biomass, extraction processes, CBD isolate, CBD distillate, CBD crude oil, terpenes, product formulations, marketing and THC solutions. Our core team is comprised of five unique individuals and we can pare you with the specialists that best suits your needs.

Call us today to explore the best CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBD Crude Oil, Hemp Biomass, Terpenes, Essential Oils and/or THC solutions available anywhere in the country. Do it once and get it done right, then forget about the monthly hassles of finding product or dealing with shortages and delivery problems.

  • We place our Clients in direct contact with our fully vetted Labs
  • We visit Labs and assess their capabilities and ethical makeup
  • Then we contract with them to supply  our Clients

Let us deal with the hassles and you can spend your time making more profit. Call, text, or email to:
Mark Fluga (906) 360-7577 at or Grant Fluga (406) 580-8637 at

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