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Pure CBD Isolate

Pure CBD Isolate

Domestic In Stock & Contract Pharmceutical Grade 99.5%-99.9% Pure CBD $2600/kg-$3400/kg

CBD Distillate

CBD Distillate

Domestic In Stock & Contract Strong Cannabinoid Profile 25%-85% THC Free & LOQ $2100/L - $4500/L

CBD Biomass

CBD Biomass

Twenty Warehouse Locations 1000lbs/wk to 1M lb+ Spot Buy 10%-15% Hemp Bulk Flower Pricing $2.30-$3.25

Winterized Crude Oil

Winterized Crude Oil

Our Lab "Syndicate Oil Inc" 55%-65% CBD & Top Reviews Strong Cannibinoid Profile $1050/L - $1150/L


Our Clients get Direct Contact with the Seller

Our mission is to pair you with the best solution that exceeds your requirements in all things Hemp and Cannabis. We have direct ties to farms, labs, and experts who can provide exceptional products and service. Our goal is to offer a professional, ethical, reliable, and successful business environment. You contact us, and we put you in direct contact with the seller or expert who can best serve your needs.* We are Unique and offer services you just can’t get from other sources.


Botanical Formulation & Consulting | Specializing in Terpenes & Essential Oils
     • Talk to a top expert in this field
     • Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation

Cultivation Consulting including Seed Genetics and Selection
     • Talk to an expert in the field of hemp farming and seeds
     • Learn about our hemp farm enhancement program in CO


International CBD Isolate ($2.5K-$3.4K/kilo)
Direct to three importers
Switzerland, Canada, EU, Israel
95.5% – 99.9% CBD
Pharmaceutical Grade
12-month contracts
1000kilos – 50,000kilos/mo

International CBG Isolate ($29.2K/kilo)
Direct to lab
Czech Republic
96% CBG
1kilo – 20kilos/mo

Domestic CBD Isolate ($2.6k-$3.4k/kilo)
Direct access to dozens of labs
95.5% – 99.9% CBD
Pharmaceutical Grade
12-month contracts
1kilo – 50,000kilos/mo

CBD Isolate Spot Buys
Call for stock

CBD Distillate ($2.1k-$4.5k/L)
Direct access to labs
62% – 85% CBD
THC Free & LOQ

CBD Crude Oil ($1050L-$1150L)
Our Own Lab Syndicate Oil Inc & direct access to other labs
Winterized, Decarboxylated, Dewaxed
72% – 85% CBD

Pico-sized CBD & CBG ($2.5k/gal & $2.9k/gal)
Direct from the lab
Super Pico-sized Molecules
Water Soluble

CBD Biomass
Twenty Warehouse Locations in CO
Farms & Collectives CO, OR, CA, KY, MT
Millions of lbs available $2.30-$3.25
Bulk Flower, Whole Plant, Buds, Pellets
10% – 15% yields

Terpenes from Cannabis
Essential Oil-derived Terpenes
All terpenes are food grade
Cannabis strain profiles

Essential Oils
Canadian Hemp — Flowers
French Hemp — Whole Plant
Hawaiian Native Plants

CO2 Extractions
Angelica Root to Turmeric

*Occasionally a unique circumstance will negate direct access.

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